Welcome to my website! My name is Magdalena Bibik and I create business ideas. For myself and for you. Plus, I can help you sort out those ideas you already have. I work in English, Swedish and Polish.

I offer keynotes, workshops and lessons (LIVE and online). I coach individuals and groups on how to create innovative and profitable business ideas. My digital courses are available on my own platform and on TabletWise. I write for Medium and guest write for Maddyness UK

Every week I send an e-mail to my followers with interesting content on idea generation (my own and others’). Join here and you’ll hear from me on Tuesday.

On the blog I write about upcoming events, but make sure to mark your calendar November 27th for the Black Friday SALE on all digital courses.

Words from clients, mentors and partners:

I have worked with Magdalena on a number of occasions and she is a brilliant entrepreneur with her unique passion for business. She is curious, fun to work with, always one step ahead with her bright ideas. I admire that she has the courage to also put them into action. – Per Frykman


Magdalena is one of the most remarkable public speakers I have ever been afforded the opportunity to listen to. – Malin Kelly


I hold an MBA and MLL from Lund University. My firm saw the light of day in March 2009. I have a past of working in FMCG, marketing and business strategy but also over 25 years experience from the health and fitness industry and thousands of hours on stage. Zumo, my rescue doberman is the real boss around here.

The easiest way to get in touch with me is via e-mail or LinkedIn.


Enjoy your stay!