If you follow my work, you know that I launched a membership club named Future Legend. Maybe you are one of the members (and if so, I hope that you love it!). Up to this point, the membership has cost 199 SEK/month, which in my opinion is an absolute steal! So, after thinking it through, I have decided to increase the price to…

399 SEK/month

In a time where everything gets cheaper, this might be a questionable move. But let me explain my strategy and also give you a food for thought for your own business.

  • At the time of writing, there are assets worth appr 6000 SEK in the members area. That itself makes a price of 199 SEK/month… unbalanced. I am all for a balance in every situation and also all for giving, but there must be a reasonable relationship because price and value. Which brings us to:
  • People want to get what they pay for. Not less, but not more either. If something is too cheap, they will question the quality of it. Even if the quality is kick ass. Which it is here, I’m telling you!
  • The more of an investment, the greater the dedication. If something is cheap, you will care less about it. If it requires more money, you will cherish it more.

Plus, I have also added a very cool feature to the membership club: A Mastermind Group. Every Thursday (at the time of writing the time and day is still being discussed but we are getting there!) I will sitt down LIVE with my members on a Zoom and we’ll help each other solve our business issues. We will use an internal Facebook group to communicate the topics of the upcoming Mastermind and then we will crack the code of whatever is stopping us from becoming a Future Legend.

The language of Future Legend is English, although there are Swedish assets in the member area and the Masterminds will be sometimes in Swedish and sometimes in English. To me, the Mastermind itself is worth more than 399 SEK/month, would you agree? Imagine people taking interest in your problems and on the other hand you contributing with your knowledge to ease someone else’s headhache?

I really hope to see you inside of Future Legend! https://www.creativityhouse.academy/fl

(p.s. if you are reading this on Aug 18th – hurry! Price goes up at Midnight!)