Ok, I have a lot of mentors and role models. I absolutely adore Gary Vee, I have a serious brain crush on Gary John Bishop (I find him fascinating AF and for some reason I can really relate to him), I have the imaginary Chris Voss on my shoulder every time I am negotiatiing something, and what would I do without everything I have learned from Amy Porterfield! But there is one man who has a totally different effect on me. I read his things and I make big moves.


If you are not familiar with Seth Godin just yet, consider this my gift to you. Because once you start taking his message to heart, your world changes. This is what happened to me over the last 2 days after reading “This is marketing”

I have been running my business for 11 years now and for the past 4 years I have called it Creativity House. I love everything about creative thinking and an idea of a “house” has always been appealing to me. Up to that point I was just Magdalena (however, Magdalena back in the days was still mostly known from the health and fitness world – which is one of the reasons for taking on an external brand when changing course of the company). To me, Creativity House is a hundred percent logical name of a business creativity agency. But whatever feels crystal clear to me does not mean that everyone else will connect the same dots. So when I was validating the SMART START (in Swedish HERE, in English HERE) course idea with my ICAs (Ideal Customer Avatars) back in December, I asked what seemed like a random question on how they felt about my company name. I was surprised by some answers but let it be for the time being (I was not pleased with my clients NOT loving Creativity House, but not yet ready to do something about it).

Back to last Friday night. I am home alone, just poured myself a glass of nice wine, looking forward to spending the evening with Seth. It takes two pages to understand that this book will change my life and on page 13 I find one freaking sentence that gets me going:

If you want to make change, begin by making culture.

Seth Godin

Which I realize that I’m not doing at all – or, I am not doing it right. So I jump on a few validation chat sessions with people who’s opinion I really value (THANK YOU, you didn’t need to do this late on a Friday night!) and everything they tell me points in the same direction. Magdalena Bibik is creating a culture of having a business that allows you to live your life on your own terms. Creativity House is an agency that looks beautifully and does an awesome job, but there is no relatability and no connection. My personal brand is all about connection.

So, at 11 PM on a Friday I decide on a big switch – all marketing and communication will once again come directly from me, a person you can (hopefully) relate to and who is practicing what she preaches (going after your ideal professional life). To make sure, I post a poll on my Instagram Stories on what people feel most connected to: Magdalena Bibik or Creativity House. 64 people took the voting and, lo and behold:

So I rolled up my sleeves and went to work (I kind of had an idea where this was going so I started remaking my website straight away, even before the polls came in. At that point I had a beautiful but not active website, more like a showroom or a V-Card)

Previously, I would go for a “likeable” website, one that would appeal to many. This time I said: screw that, I have to love it! (attract and repel baby!). So I chose a theme that I bought years ago but never used, thinking that it was “too much”. HERE is what it looks like 48 hours later. (this is a “start before you are ready” – version and you will find lots of links and pages that are not yet in place, I am probably working on those as you are reading this).

I made it all about YOU, my dear reader, and not about myself. And I am showing you all sides of me so that we can get to know, like and trust each other. I want you to see me as a living proof of building a business with something you love and creating your ideal life. And then I want exactly the same for you.

What about Creativity House then? I still love the name and everything about it. Here is the old (yeah, you probably see what’s coming, don’t you?) beautiful stunning (and not personal at all) website:

Separating myself from my brand created another though: making Creativity House a go to place for all creative (business) thinking, not just mine. So the first thing I did was to open up Creativity House Academy to other course creators then just myself, and 24 hours later I have two amazing courses locked in (I will tell you ALL about it when they are ready to enroll in!). Plus, for the last months I have had 2 other ideas in my head that I didn’t really know where to place. Suddenly, It all came together:

Keep your eyes open at creativity.house because there will be more info coming your way really soon!

48 hours after reading the magical words from this magical book I feel really good about this. Funny story.- all this gold came from the first 13 pages of “This is Marketing”. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the book holds.

Forever grateful to Seth Godin.