You may – or may not – have noticed that I relocated to Skåne. When an opportunity presented itself to move myself and my company “back home”, I took it. I have loved living in Stockholm, I was OK with Farsta and I had a crush on Skebobruk, but here is where I belong. The funny thing, I don’t know more than a handful people here (I am in a different part of Skåne than the one I grew up in), but still – seeing the surroundings, hearing the accent, all of it makes me feel like this is my place.

When we left Poland back in the days (I was about 12-13), we landed in Vejbystrand, outside of Ängelholm. Then I moved to Lund to study and completely fell for this town. Fast forward 15 years and I am now outside of Trelleborg. Why here? Well… look at this place!

Plus, I wanted to be near the airport.

I do have a little time on my hands for coaching and portrait photography (btw, the natural light in this place is stunning!), so if you are based around here and want to work with me live – get in touch at