Imagine your client saying “this is the only XYZ I will ever need” – and then go and buy it from you? What a fantastic buy that is! Not only will you make the sell, but you will also lock down the client on future purchases. If you are offering “the total solution”, it automatically means that the client won’t need other options – at least not for now.

Recently I purchased a handbag that made me get rid of all other handbags (read more here on what I consider a “good buy”)

A few weeks ago I ordered “the last watch I’m ever going to buy” (don’t get me wrong, I’m planning to be around until I’m a 100 years old, but this watch will be on my wrist until it literally falls apart).

(once again Vestriaire Collective).

What this type of commitment means is that I, as a customer/consumer, am immune to future ads and campaigns for watches. Vestraire has managed to remove my focus from the consuming market that never sleeps.

What would it mean to you – and your business – to be able to lock down customers as to offering them “the only option” of XYZ that they’ll ever need? What COULD be the only option for them, and the most important question: can YOU deliver it?