Do you like tattoos? Do you have any on your body? I have 3 tattoos (plus one cover up so, technically it’s 4). I love them and the saying: “once you get your first, you will want more” is totally valid. 6 years ago I wanted a cover up for my lower back – I had written “Magdalena” as in my own signature back in the 1900-something and it was old and grey. So I decided on a cover up by an item I really love: a cassette. Plus, in an impulse, I asked for a bicycle gear – I was just beginning my triathlon career (not knowing that my triathlon experience 6 months later would end after 20 meters in the water – very embarrassing and a totally different story).

The tattoo never got finished that day. I fainted – out of pain or rather the tattoo artist touching some nerve – plus it hurt so much, so once the cassette was ready, I called it a day, and never came back. Last week I was coaching a student (well… to be honest, we were coaching each other, haha!), Susanne Becker who owns a beauty studio in Norrtälje, Body & Bling – and she told me that they had a tattoo artist in the house. The funny thing, I was hesitating for 6 years about what to do with this old thing, and in a few minutes time I had decided to finish it.

I immediately trusted Mandy – without even meeting her – because my Susanne would never take in someone under her wing who was not world class. Plus (and this one is silly but worth thinking about if you are brainstorming on a new company name): Mandy’s shop is called: Studio Kapitel (follow here). Kapitel = Chapter. I am just about to start a new chapter in life – at the time of writing the big move is T-14 days!

Yesterday, I finally finished something that has been bothering me for 6 years! And I need to tell you: it did not hurt (ok, it’s not enjoyable – everyone who says that is either extremely tolerant for pain or has very short memory!) and was nothing like the last experience – which was what kept me from finishing in the first place. The result is stunning, I think! Do you agree?

Thank you Mandy for doing this, and thank you Susanne for recommending Mandy! Psst… we are not ENTIRELY done, I will be back for another tattoo next week…

Someone once told me that tattoos are only for inmates. We’re not in contact anymore.

(featured image: Envato elements)