It’s time for Creativity House to contribute to the “stay at home”-initiative. I know that it’s tough being socially isolated and keep a high level of motivation. Still, I believe that we should do whatever we possibly can to make the best out of this time, so here is our sweet deal:

Until April 15th (and probably even longer, if we are forced to stay at home) we have introduced “STAY AT HOME” prices on our signature courses (in Swedish here). For the English speaking clients it means a huge discount on SMART START.

We do this, not because we have to (the funny thing is that we have not noticed any decline in our sales due to Corona), but because we want to contribute to more good ideas and new businesses, and less stress over what is to come.

Let this uncertain times be the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY for you to figure out what you really wish from the rest of your professional career. Can our products and services help you with that – great! Nothing would make me happier!

So here is your new price:

SMART START: USD 249:- to USD 95:-

(we have removed the payment plan option from this special deal because we don’t want to confuse the system, so for this one it’s one payment only

Enjoy! And welcome to Creativity House Academy!