I am NOT #boredinthehouseandiminthehouseboard – in fact, I feel like time is literally flying! The other day I listened to a webinar by Florian Eberhart (very interesting!) and I learned something so very valuable that I want to share with you.

First, I do hope that you have a LinkedIn profile. If not – stop reading and make one NOW! If yes – let’s connect!

What I learned during Florian’s presentation was the importance of a correct cover photo/banner on your profile. It looks very stylish to put your logo there, or why not a motivational image of the skyline of New York etc – often times we don’t put our banner to a good use. This was mine before the webinar:

Clean, stylish – but not optimized. This is after:

I learned that you should:

– use an image of yourself in action (whatever profession you have – I am lucky to have some good keynote speaking images)

– put at CTA (Call To Action) on you banner! Even if it’s not clickable. If the offer is interesting enough, the customers will find their way to your link anyway.

Would you agree? Is this advice useful to you? If so – send me a message on LinkedIn (which is btw one of my favorite ways to connect!)

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