I am sure that you have heard the expression: “new week, new you”. I don’t believe in those in general, but sometimes they come very useful. I hope that your last week was better than mine, because – to be honest – I had a shitty week. It’s OK, we all have them sometimes. The important thing is that – how we handle them and what we do next.

If you are a business owner, everything that happens is on you. That means there is no time for dwelling (well, some! We are note robots – but not too much so it doesn’t become a mantra), you will need to stand up for yourself no matter what, you may never let someone bring you down, even if it means acting tougher and more ruthless than you’d normally do. And most of all: get rid of the negative energy asap! You need to be extremely protective of your attention and focus, because those are needed for your core business.

Call me silly, but I redecorated my place yesterday. I feng shuied the work negativity away as I made my former office into a guest room and moved the desk out to the body of the apartment (here are some pics of my place so that you know what I’m talking about). You see, I never liked that office and most of the work I was doing there were things I actually didn’t want to do. Plus… I have always enjoyed “the dinner table office” or “the couch office” more than “the office” because then I could see the entire place. So… this is what it looks like now:

Living in the middle of nowhere calls for a good quality guest room, so that it what the extra room will be used for – although you are not going to see just yet because it’s not finished. 😉 But most of all this was a symbolic gesture because it’s time to start practicing business minimalism. It’s a very very cool idea that has been on my mind for some time and I promise to tell you ALL about it soon!

So now let’s start this new week with a new me… How about you? Are you ready for your most awesome work week yet? (I am recording Get The Clients SUMMIT and I don’t look like the photo by Knut Koivisto, but I sure feel like this today!)

If you want to know about business minimalism, or anything business and creativity related – drop me your e-mail and I’ll make sure to give you some valuable content every Tuesday. And I also promise to give you some positive energy, you can never get too much of it!