Hello there blog reader! I hope that coming here to my digital home gives you a nice glimpse into my life (if you find that exciting), but also – MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY – inspiration to and create big things for yourself. You may have noticed that me, and Creativity House, want to help. We got you covered!

Last week we lowered the prices on selected digital courses (see more here) and now we are lauching:

FREE 15 min coaching calls on Creative Business Thinking!

Maybe you need to quickly run your idea by someone who has not seen it before (and won’t tell you what you want to hear because they are bias), maybe you need a second pair of eyes on a logo, or maybe you are just STUCK with a company name. Perhaps you want to discuss how to answer on an action by a competitor – you name it. I am opening up:

Mondays 3-4 PM

Wednesdays 3-4 PM

Thursdays 12-1PM (Stockholm, GMT+2)

I am able to guide you in Swedish, English and “Polish” (oh man, you need to be patient with my grammar and vocabulary, but we’ll get through it!). And just a disclaimer – this is just a quick chat, not a full coaching session – for rates and info on regular coaching, go here.

Welcome! Ask me anything! (on Creative Business Thinking)

(photo: Nadja Sjöström)