I am sure that you are pretty aware of what’s happening around you – and most probably kinda fed up with all the directives and changes. Personally, I don’t mind crisis management, so when I heard that Väddö Folkhögskola would close all the classrooms come Monday, I immediately started making new strategies together with Janne. This is what will happen from next week:

All the students have got assignments for the music week, the podcast week and the YouTube week. Every Thursday they will e-mail the assignment to us for feedback. I am so freaking happy that the stage block, the very important stage block, is done and that the upcoming 4 weeks can be done individually by the computer. What happens next and how long will this quarantine go on? We don’t know. The final show is on June 4th and I am hoping that things are back to normal until then.

We found the solution on how to maintain the education within a few minutes. The thing is – most of people can find a solution to their business quite easily, if they set themselves up for creative business thinking. It is what it is, but it doesn’t have to be a disaster if there is a plan for crisis management, a backup solution and some guts. I have recorded some podcast episodes and YouTube videos with strategies on how to get through this Corona season. Make sure to check them out and just keep doing the work. Soon it will all be over and I want you to come out on top.