What a figurative title that was! I do actually mean a few simple steps as in: left, right, left, right…

Yesterday I took Zumo to the beach (we try to go to the beach at least every 2 days, hence all the IG posts…) and I took a few pictures, as always. Let me show you how a small difference can change the feeling of an image completely.

I started with this one:

I must tell you, it felt kinda… bla. Look at the difference as I took 6 steps forward:

Cool, isn’t it? And also, here are some edits:

Sometimes all it takes is a few steps, a different angle or a new perspective. I am actually very pleased wit this one. Plus, it’s an amazing place for dog walks. Well, the beach, not the bridge.

For more of my photography, go to https://www.magdalenabibik.com/gallery/