Magdalena Bibik

Magdalena Bibik

Getting to know new people in 2020

It’s all about the mindset, right? We can sit and feel sorry for ourselves for not being able to meet our friends in person, or we can take to digital solutions and have awesome hangouts! Last Saturday, I was invited to a digital launch party by Polish Innovation Diaspora – an initiative by a group of people dedicated to building and supporting Polish tech community.

What an interesting crowd and what a cool tool! We tried something called Remo, and it might have been the coolest virtual room I’ve ever attended. This was as close as it can get to a physical mingle and I loved it. OK, ok, as at a regular party, I found my crew early and stayed with them throughout. Check out Remo: it’s kinda pricy, but if you are hosting events like this, it’s worth it.

Matt at our table LOVED the whiteboard!

This was the launch party for the Diaspora, but it was also the kick start for my own personal journey towards the Polish market. I am ready to launch my first digital course in Polish and now I feel that there is a community to hold my hand. So THANK YOU all for this hangout and let’s see how far this can go.

Oh, and one more awesome thing about meeting people like this: I can take a beer or a glass of wine since I don’t need to drive home and I don’t need a dog sitter – I can meet new people and cuddle with Zumo at the same time. WIN!

BTW, here is some interesting reading on best ways of working remotely: https://www.instructionalsolutions.com/blog/effective-remote-communication