I don’t know if you knew this, but your idea generation THRIVES during your summer holiday. You are (hopefully) in the right mindset, you are surrounded by people who inspire you (or who you like, that is usually enough), you are in a place that you enjoy. Maybe you are on the move or perhaps doing sports. No distractions, no boss asking you whether you have completed that boring task or not. There won’t be a better time for coming up with new ideas than right now (this is it!)

That is why I decided to offer you a free webinar on how to generate kick ass ideas during holiday. Join me on July 1st 12 PM Stockholm time (GMT + 2). In this webinar I will explain to you the basics of idea generation process, and I will make sure that you understand where to look for your next big idea.

Register even if you can’t come – we will send you a replay if you can’t make it. And btw, only 100 seats are available, so if you are coming, make sure to be on time!

HERE are all the details (click on the image)

I am hoping to see you on Wednesday for a value packed 45 minutes! If this is not relevant to you but might be to someone you know – make my day and tell them about this!