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Welcome! I'll teach you how to get the life you love by mastering Creative Business Thinking.

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Inspiration, boost, insights (and some tough love) on Creative Business Thinking.
Custom made talks and workshops
Start, grow and scale a business.
From idea generation to full mentorship
Cheat sheets, pdfs, checklists, younameit
Creative Business Thinking Podcast
Creativity straight to your inbox
Both professional and personal content.
Articles on Entrepreneurship and Creativity.

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Your Business

without stress, overwhelm and rookie mistakes.

A digital course with a step by step formula to start a thriving business. 30 videos that will give you the needs to set the foundation for a solid business.

your next big idea

with the help of Idea Lab - a nisch course on Idea Generation

A step by step formula to help you generate the best ideas and put them to life. If you need new ideas or if you have ideas and don't know what to do with them - this mini course is for you!

Days of Ideas

Quick Crash Course on Idea Generation

A video series with 15 analysis of brilliant - and not so brilliant ideas, that will give you inspiration and hands on strategies to grow your business. Every analysis has a ``what's in it for you`` section. We recommend that you watch one video per day and take our advice. After 15 days you will have some solid idea generation skills!

From the blog

Creative Business Thinking - but also some sneak peek into my every day life.

Let’s work together!

You go after your goals

With the tools you get here

Wherever you are in your creative business thinking process, I want to give you tools and hacks to reach your goals sooner and make an even bigger impact. Check out exactly what i can help you with here:

I'll hold your hand

During the entire journey.

You can ask me anything on creative business thinking and I will make sure to guide you through your next step.


Success paths to different areas of Creative Business Thinking

The Basics

A good introduction to Creative Business Thinking. You will learn how to think differently and create innovative solutions for your business

The best checklist to a mindset that will set your Creative Business Thinking on Autopilot. Every Entrepreneur needs this.

Work smarter

6 golden rules which - should you choose to follow them - will get your clients to pick you over your competitors.

Online success

A step-by-step formula for making the most out of your social media content. Get ideas on what to post and a time saving structure for your digital communication.

A guide with the best digital tools for project management, e-mail marketing, graphic design, productivity, audio and video and podcasting. Look no further!

Creativity House

As you are reading this, Creativity House is becoming a brand new company: a portal for online courses, a publishing company and an event organizer. We update our info constantly.