I think that you would agree with me if I told you that a beautiful package design is always a good idea. As a matter of fact, a nice looking label can sell a bottle of wine (ok, maybe not to connoisseurs, but to the rest of us – let me know if you are “guilty” of this, I sure am!).

If what you are offering is not publicly known just yet, make sure to put some effort into packaging. Apple, Marshall and Fossil are experts on this – and you could too. Because it doesn’t have to be very costly, it just needs to be well thought through. And spot on to the customer.

The other week I visited a Polish grocery store in Malmö (I am Polish living in Sweden) and I stumbled upon this beautiful box of jelly sweets by https://slodkiehawo.pl/en/ – and immediately I put the box in my shopping basket.

Taste is personal, and you won’t appeal to everyone with your package design. But if you dare to stand out a little, you will make some customers buy without thinking twice!

(for those who don’t understand Polish, those quotes are: “remember, you were born without spare parts”, “I don’t drink, I am saving up for a car”, “once you’re finished working, put on some underwear” Say what, haha?)

This is a limited edition box – which always is a good idea. Why? Because the nerds will buy and save the beautiful box, and the safe bet people will probably buy one for fun and then back it up with their regular choice. For the record, I have no idea how the candy tastes. Don’t care really, because I think that I want to keep that box as a decoration in my house.

Moral of the story: make some effort with the product packaging and you will sell more.