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Who wouldn't want that, right? Well, you are lucky, because my friend - this is exactly what you are getting! Click HERE do download your free guide. If you are a listener, here is the latest podcast episode on the very same topic. My goal with this one is to help you ease the overwhelm and stress over having to post on social all the time - and also to give you a system that will save you time. Enjoy!

Media eller medie? Social media eller sociala media eller sociala medie? WHATEVER! Nu är det dags att få kontroll på det oavsett vad det heter! Låt mig hjälpa till på två sätt: Dels är du välkommen att lyssna på det senaste avsnittet av Kreativt Businesstänkpodden där jag ger dig tips, strategier och en steg för steg formel för hur du får ut det maximala ur ditt content (Klicka HÄR om du av någon anledning inte kan se den fina rutan):   Om du istället vill ha en PDF med en sammanfattning av det jag säger i podden, varsågod! Ladda ner den HÄR Min

A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously.  We all have them. Those bad habits that we just can’t seem to quit (too much sugar, anyone?) but also those great habits that move us forward, that push the needle in our business. I call good habits: GOLD ON AUTOPILOT I have put together a list of 10 habits that every Entrepreneur should develop in order to become a Creative Business Thinker. Feel free to download them here: http://creativity.house/habits Print it, use it as a weekly checklist for mastering your business creativity. You’re welcome! P.S. Don’t miss out on the Creativity House Podcast

One of the most common questions that I get – and one that I have been struggling with myself as well – is: “local vs global”. The power of local charm Are you a small local player? Good for you! Customers LOVE charming local suppliers! Think about it: what do you think when you hear about a little winery in Toscana or Napa? Or a small bakery in France? I know, right?! They are freaking exotic to everyone who doesn’t live there. News flash: YOU can be AS exotic to another market if you choose to be. Play with your local charm and they

Creativity House Podcast is back and this week it’s all about business failures. I am sharing with you five of my greatest mistakes yet to date – with an aim to prevent you from making those same mistakes. However… no risk, no reward. If something feels really right to you, then you should go and try it out, mistake or not! Here is the episode: It is of course available on all platforms and the shownotes and full transcript is here: https://creativity.house/failures Why am I talking about this rather than sharing success stories? Well, behind every success are lots and lots of failures. I