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Hello there lovely (and most likely a very creative) reader! I have a design question for you! I am just finalizing the schedule for the "GET THE CLIENTS" virtual summit Aug 24-28 and the last piece of the puzzle is the cover. The summit is a five day event with daily webinars and workshops with the aim to: "get the clients" as in "understand" and "get the clients" as in "make them buy" so I would like to know which of these designs speaks most to you: It would be of great value to understand WHY you selected a certain one. So if you'd

Exactly 3 years ago at about 7.30 PM we were standing at the parking lot of Willys Älvsjö, anxiously waiting for a new family member. From the moment we had filed for Zumo's adoption and until the day he arrived was the longest waiting period of my life! But on that Monday evening, my life changed. Not only was I once again a dog mom (after 12 years feeling "half" without a dog but understanding that my work situation wouldn't allow a dog), but little did I know that this Irish boy would have a massive impact on my future

I don't know if you knew this, but your idea generation THRIVES during your summer holiday. You are (hopefully) in the right mindset, you are surrounded by people who inspire you (or who you like, that is usually enough), you are in a place that you enjoy. Maybe you are on the move or perhaps doing sports. No distractions, no boss asking you whether you have completed that boring task or not. There won't be a better time for coming up with new ideas than right now (this is it!) That is why I decided to offer you a free webinar

It's all about the mindset, right? We can sit and feel sorry for ourselves for not being able to meet our friends in person, or we can take to digital solutions and have awesome hangouts! Last Saturday, I was invited to a digital launch party by Polish Innovation Diaspora - an initiative by a group of people dedicated to building and supporting Polish tech community. What an interesting crowd and what a cool tool! We tried something called Remo, and it might have been the coolest virtual room I've ever attended. This was as close as it can get to

Who wouldn't want that, right? Well, you are lucky, because my friend - this is exactly what you are getting! Click HERE do download your free guide. If you are a listener, here is the latest podcast episode on the very same topic. My goal with this one is to help you ease the overwhelm and stress over having to post on social all the time - and also to give you a system that will save you time. Enjoy!