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Hello there lovely (and most likely a very creative) reader! I have a design question for you! I am just finalizing the schedule for the "GET THE CLIENTS" virtual summit Aug 24-28 and the last piece of the puzzle is the cover. The summit is a five day event with daily webinars and workshops with the aim to: "get the clients" as in "understand" and "get the clients" as in "make them buy" so I would like to know which of these designs speaks most to you: It would be of great value to understand WHY you selected a certain one. So if you'd

I don't know anyone who is not - in one way or another - affected by the Corona virus. Those who will come out on the other side of this pandemic as winners are those who are adjusting and adapting their business to the new circumstances. Are you one of them? Ask yourself a few questions: has life changed your customers in a way that it affects your business?could you help your customers with their new struggles?is your communication an tone of voice appropriate = OK with the current situation or do you need to change something?are YOU still in the mode

I am NOT #boredinthehouseandiminthehouseboard - in fact, I feel like time is literally flying! The other day I listened to a webinar by Florian Eberhart (very interesting!) and I learned something so very valuable that I want to share with you. First, I do hope that you have a LinkedIn profile. If not - stop reading and make one NOW! If yes - let's connect! What I learned during Florian's presentation was the importance of a correct cover photo/banner on your profile. It looks very stylish to put your logo there, or why not a motivational image of the skyline of New

Hello there blog reader! I hope that coming here to my digital home gives you a nice glimpse into my life (if you find that exciting), but also - MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY - inspiration to and create big things for yourself. You may have noticed that me, and Creativity House, want to help. We got you covered! Last week we lowered the prices on selected digital courses (see more here) and now we are lauching: FREE 15 min coaching calls on Creative Business Thinking! Maybe you need to quickly run your idea by someone who has not seen it before (and won't

It's time for Creativity House to contribute to the "stay at home"-initiative. I know that it's tough being socially isolated and keep a high level of motivation. Still, I believe that we should do whatever we possibly can to make the best out of this time, so here is our sweet deal: Until April 15th (and probably even longer, if we are forced to stay at home) we have introduced "STAY AT HOME" prices on our signature courses (in Swedish here). For the English speaking clients it means a huge discount on SMART START. We do this, not because we