• “Idea Lab” is now available in English!

    You asked – we delivered. The mini course on idea generation is now also available in English!

    Earlier this year (well, quite recently) we launched Creative Business Thinking Masterclass in Swedish. I remember contemplating a lot about the choice of language – when you are a mix of cultures as I am and work in different languages, this bothers you more than finishing creating the course on time. Well, we went with Swedish for the Masterclass. Maybe right choice, maybe not. However, we got LOTS of question about the English Idea Lab – so here it is:

    Get Idea Lab at Creativity House Academy!

    If you haven’t heard about “Idea Lab” yet – it’s a mini course on idea generation. If you have trouble coming up with good ideas that work or if you have a bunch of ideas but no clue what to do with them – this might just do the trick! The course will take you about 2-3 hours to complete including all the exercises by the computer, plus those assignments when you shall go out and see things with your new idea generating eyes.

    I really like this course and I got great reviews to go with it. Check them out at https://www.creativityhouse.academy/idealab

    I hope to see you inside the program. If you don’t need this – please recommend it to someone who does.

  • A podcast episode about Business Failures

    Creativity House Podcast is back and this week it’s all about business failures. I am sharing with you five of my greatest mistakes yet to date – with an aim to prevent you from making those same mistakes. However… no risk, no reward. If something feels really right to you, then you should go and try it out, mistake or not!

    Here is the episode:


    It is of course available on all platforms and the shownotes and full transcript is here: https://creativity.house/failures

    Why am I talking about this rather than sharing success stories? Well, behind every success are lots and lots of failures. I talk openly about them when I teach at Axelsons, so I figured… why not? Plus. failure are kind of not a big deal. I name one that took me 3 years to recover from, but I mean… I’m here, aren’t I?

    Enjoy the podcast! And a discount that comes with it! Check out the shownotes!