• Let’s work smarter this year, shall we?

    February is here and a new theme at Creativity House – during the upcoming weeks we will be focusing on working smarter. In particular: outsmarting the competitors. Why, you ask? Our slogan at Creativity House is:

    Outsmart your competitors, wow your clients

    so it was about time! We started off with a week all on working smart by reusing your good content. Check it out here:

    Then we followed up with the principle: “give them what they want, show them what they need”:

    And finally, a freebie with a 6 “golden rules” formula on how to outsmart the competitors:

    (get it here in English & här på svenska).

    January has been really productive and now it’s time to accelerate! I hope that you enjoy the content!

    P.S. One of the things I’ve changed this year (to a smarter way of thinking) is how much time I spend on my phone. Less screen time = more time to create value for customers.

  • Welcome to my home. Oh yeah, it’s for sale! (update: SOLD!)

    Two years ago we changed our lifestyle completely. We sold our suburb apartment in the south of Stockholm, packed the dog in the van and moved to the countryside. One of the best decisions I have ever made, and still…

    Our beautiful place is for sale. The logistics just doesn’t work for us and as our life looks right now, we need to have different living arrangements.

    Here is the ad (in Swedish) with all the info and pictures. At the time of writing, over 6500 people have seen the ad, but we are looking for the PERFECT buyer. So if I could ask you for one thing, it would be to please spread the word and share this ad. THANK YOU!

  • 10 habits for Creative Business Thinking

    habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. 

    We all have them. Those bad habits that we just can’t seem to quit (too much sugar, anyone?) but also those great habits that move us forward, that push the needle in our business. I call good habits:


    I have put together a list of 10 habits that every Entrepreneur should develop in order to become a Creative Business Thinker. Feel free to download them here:


    Print it, use it as a weekly checklist for mastering your business creativity. You’re welcome!

    P.S. Don’t miss out on the Creativity House Podcast episode about habits:

  • How to succeed as a local player on the global market.

    One of the most common questions that I get – and one that I have been struggling with myself as well – is: “local vs global”.

    The power of local charm

    Are you a small local player? Good for you! Customers LOVE charming local suppliers!

    Think about it: what do you think when you hear about a little winery in Toscana or Napa? Or a small bakery in France? I know, right?! They are freaking exotic to everyone who doesn’t live there.

    News flash: YOU can be AS exotic to another market if you choose to be. Play with your local charm and they will come. Best case scenario: from all over the world.

    Customizable to the max

    Let’s talk about another strategy: customizing your products or services.

    Did you ever grab a Coca Cola bottle with your name on? And did you buy a printable Nutella jar? Me: yes and yes! It’s innovative and fun and it feels personal.

    Big brands are flirting with us by making their global campaigns to local campaigns. Personalized to any market and any name. Customizable to the max.

    What can we learn from this? Well, if they can do it – anyone can do it! Yes, they have a huge machinery for it, but they also have millions of more options to deliver.

    What could YOU do to personalize your product or service to every client all over the globe?

    I have created a free checklist with strategies on how to scale up a small business and go from local to global. Download it at creativity.house/localglobal

    Don’t miss out Creativity House Podcast, the episode on scaling up:

  • My biggest out of Comfort Zone moment YTD.

    Exactly 3 weeks ago I did something really really cool – and the biggest step out of my comfort zone yet to date – I gave a keynote in Polish. And not just a keynote – a workshop based on the Idea Lab. OMFG!

    Polish is my first language, but I left Poland as a child and haven’t been speaking proper Polish in about 15 years. I didn’t know any “grown up words”. Some 2 years ago Mateusz Broniarek found me (I don’t even know how he found me!) and I slowly but surely started to awaken my mother tongue!

    So when he asked me if I was interested in doing a keynote “sometime” at Waza, I immediately said YES! Some time in 2020, I thought. He meant… September. This year. Hey, I am first in line to a challenge. So on September 30th I did my very first 90 min keynote in Polish!

    HAVE YOU SEEN THE POLISH KEYNOTE SNACK TABLE? This should be standard everywhere!

    I was scared! Not for the language barrier (I am not a shy one and I have been doing keynotes in English for the last 5 years or so without knowing ALL the words), but if the insights and takeaways I had with me were innovative enough and worth the audience’s time. I think I “passed”.

    The feeling right after – indescribable! For the record, I had the option to do the keynote in English, but turned it down. I thought that not only will I be able to practice my Polish, but also – if I can, by literally throwing myself out of every existing comfort zone, inspire just one person to go to the office tomorrow and make a boldzy move (such as speaking Swedish if you are new here, which some of my audience were) – then that’s great! Win win, right?

    Listen! I survived, I thrived, and I still don’t speak perfect Polish. If I dare to challenge myself and can go out of my comfort zone – so can you! Deal? OK!

    Another cool thing that happened as a result of this keynote: I accidently promised the Waza community that I’d launch Idea Lab in English five days later. Well… I did. It’s now available for everyone. Find it here: https://www.creativityhouse.academy/idealab

    (Mateusz – thank you! I owe you big time for my Polish!)