I realize that I’m not very present here, but this past week needs acknowledging. Last time I was so productive was during making the Planner. This week was all about the launch of Start Smart.

Let me start from the beginning. A few weeks ago, I made some very important validation calls – talks with my ideal clients about the courses at Creativity House and what to produce next. I think that I in the back of my head knew this, but my clients made me finally understand that something was missing. You see, we have the Idea Lab, which is a very nisched mini course and on the other side we have the Creative Business Thinking Masterclass (at the moment only in Swedish), which is a comprehensive advanced experience for a person who is already in business. It’s expensive and takes a lot of Know-Like-Trust to press the Buy button and if you don’t know of me or Creativity House, this is not the first thing you buy. What I was missing was a starter course, an entry level product. It took me a few days to do a course layout and all the presentation slides. When we entered last week, Smart Start was still mostly in my head. Another idea that was in my head was:

We might as well do everything parallell in Swedish AND English!

On Monday, I recorded 60 (!) good quality videos (which means about 75 videos). I started at 11 AM and by 11 PM I was done. That’s kind of insane! Although the video part is the easiest for me – I usually do one take and no script – 60 if them is still a big deal. On Tuesday and Wednesday I was teaching two full days of Entrepreneurship at Väddö and we actually found some time to play an hour of badminton! It was soooo long ago – and so much fun! (did you know that badminton was my first sport?)

Thursday = humor show for our students at Humorprogrammet and two LIVE webinars, one in Swedish and one in English. Let me tell you a little secret: not everything was all done and ready for the webinars as I went LIVE. The sales page was poor and the slides got completed about 30 seconds before I started recording. THAT IS FINE! The difference between Entrepreneurs and Wantepreneurs is that Entrepreneurs keep going no matter what. Start before you’re ready, work in BETA mode and all that. I can confess to doing just about what was crucial to sell courses off the webinar and improving it later on.

(This is what it looks like when you record on Ecamm and stream in Zoom webinar.)

Friday was another webinar in Swedish. I really love doing them – especially if there is a lot of interaction, which there usually is. But something happened after that webinar. It’s like I… checked out. Not another minute of good quality work was made that day. Which is EXACTLY how it needed to be.

If you only take one thing from this post, take this: listen to your body. Regardless of how much you love your work (which I do!), you need to hear the signals on when it’s time to rest, so that you won’t burn out. I spent my Friday night binge watching Swedish Masterchef. To be honest, I was snoozing on the couch at 7.30 PM with Zumo on me. Best evening ever.

Saturday was practical stuff during the day (moving in less than three weeks means it’s about time to pack) and then work at night. I have discovered that I do my best from late afternoon until about 2 AM, so I try to fit that in. Content creation, learning stuff, catching up on all those launch things that were not yet ready… Plus, when I was being efficient, I made a Social Media content plan for the next 3 months.

And today, Sunday, OMG! (it’s technically Monday, but in my world the next day starts when you wake up, do you know what I mean and can you relate?). I created two awesome landing pages for Smart Start (one in English and one in Swedish), updated the website for House of Comedy, added 7 (!!) webinar dates upon request (go to this link), packed some things and gave Zumo a perfect Sunday with a lot of play and time outside. To be honest, I don’t understand how I am still awake!

Disclaimer: I didn’t find the time to record and release the podcast episode(s), but 60 videos makes up for this. The kitchen looks like a war zone, because when I work a lot, I eat a lot and mess up the house a lot. Nothing of that is important. One thing that never ever gets neglected, regardless of how much I work, is the doggy.

Writing this I want to show you what’s possible. I am not special in any way, I think I just found exactly where I need to be. I want the same for you, so that you can be proud of your work. And when Monday morning comes, you will want to jump out of bed and keep building that dream life of yours.

Go get yourself an awesome week!

(featured image: Knut Koivisto)