Hello there lovely (and most likely a very creative) reader! I have a design question for you! I am just finalizing the schedule for the “GET THE CLIENTS” virtual summit Aug 24-28 and the last piece of the puzzle is the cover.

The summit is a five day event with daily webinars and workshops with the aim to:

“get the clients” as in “understand”


“get the clients” as in “make them buy”

so I would like to know which of these designs speaks most to you:

It would be of great value to understand WHY you selected a certain one. So if you’d want to e-mail me at magdalena@creativity.house with your feedback, that would be great. I am also going to randomly select two people out of att the e-mails and grant them with free tickets. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Thank you in advance! P.s. Tickets will be on sale on Monday and the early bird price os only valid until Friday.