Magdalena Bibik

Magdalena Bibik

3 years with Zumo

Exactly 3 years ago at about 7.30 PM we were standing at the parking lot of Willys Älvsjö, anxiously waiting for a new family member. From the moment we had filed for Zumo’s adoption and until the day he arrived was the longest waiting period of my life! But on that Monday evening, my life changed. Not only was I once again a dog mom (after 12 years feeling “half” without a dog but understanding that my work situation wouldn’t allow a dog), but little did I know that this Irish boy would have a massive impact on my future business decisions.

I am a person who doesn’t really want to leave the dog at home and go to the office. Luckily, my work has not required that for years so already from the get go this boy didn’t have that much alone time. However, with him by my side I felt an urge to adjust my business and make it home based (2,5 years before Corona). Soon enough, the family made a decision to pack up the life in the suburbs of Stockholm and move to the countryside of Roslagen (my reason: to give him space to run and play). 1,5 years later, Zumo and I went “back to my roots” in the middle of Skåne, where we now live a happy and (most of the time) off leash life.

I use to say: “I saved him once, he’s been saving me since”. The truth is, if it wasn’t for him, I would not put time and effort into the business strategy of Creativity House as it looks today – that showed to be quite successful. I would probably work 24/7 (workaholic tendencies over here!) and I would most definitely not be out in the nature as much. On the serious note, my fall of 2017 was terrible and if Zumo wasn’t around, I would suffer from the worst burn out. Being responsible for him and his happiness was what kept me sane during my worst work period.

Today is our “Gotcha Day” (yes, dog fanatics have their own lingo) but I celebrate this baby every single day. Mutual unconditional love!