• Let’s work smarter this year, shall we?

    February is here and a new theme at Creativity House – during the upcoming weeks we will be focusing on working smarter. In particular: outsmarting the competitors. Why, you ask? Our slogan at Creativity House is:

    Outsmart your competitors, wow your clients

    so it was about time! We started off with a week all on working smart by reusing your good content. Check it out here:

    Then we followed up with the principle: “give them what they want, show them what they need”:

    And finally, a freebie with a 6 “golden rules” formula on how to outsmart the competitors:

    (get it here in English & här på svenska).

    January has been really productive and now it’s time to accelerate! I hope that you enjoy the content!

    P.S. One of the things I’ve changed this year (to a smarter way of thinking) is how much time I spend on my phone. Less screen time = more time to create value for customers.