• 10 habits for Creative Business Thinking

    habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. 

    We all have them. Those bad habits that we just can’t seem to quit (too much sugar, anyone?) but also those great habits that move us forward, that push the needle in our business. I call good habits:


    I have put together a list of 10 habits that every Entrepreneur should develop in order to become a Creative Business Thinker. Feel free to download them here:


    Print it, use it as a weekly checklist for mastering your business creativity. You’re welcome!

    P.S. Don’t miss out on the Creativity House Podcast episode about habits:

  • How to succeed as a local player on the global market.

    One of the most common questions that I get – and one that I have been struggling with myself as well – is: “local vs global”.

    The power of local charm

    Are you a small local player? Good for you! Customers LOVE charming local suppliers!

    Think about it: what do you think when you hear about a little winery in Toscana or Napa? Or a small bakery in France? I know, right?! They are freaking exotic to everyone who doesn’t live there.

    News flash: YOU can be AS exotic to another market if you choose to be. Play with your local charm and they will come. Best case scenario: from all over the world.

    Customizable to the max

    Let’s talk about another strategy: customizing your products or services.

    Did you ever grab a Coca Cola bottle with your name on? And did you buy a printable Nutella jar? Me: yes and yes! It’s innovative and fun and it feels personal.

    Big brands are flirting with us by making their global campaigns to local campaigns. Personalized to any market and any name. Customizable to the max.

    What can we learn from this? Well, if they can do it – anyone can do it! Yes, they have a huge machinery for it, but they also have millions of more options to deliver.

    What could YOU do to personalize your product or service to every client all over the globe?

    I have created a free checklist with strategies on how to scale up a small business and go from local to global. Download it at creativity.house/localglobal

    Don’t miss out Creativity House Podcast, the episode on scaling up: