The launch of Smart Start is coming to an end – and I am so damn happy that I decided to create this course. Quite a quick decision based on ICA validation calls (meaning that my tribe told me that this was needed), and now there is only 3 days left until we close the enrollment (svenska här) (english here).

During this process I gave 10 webinars! 10!! Prior to this launch I had done 5 webinars in total, all in Swedish. But why go about it smooth and settle when you can go full throttle, right? I loved every minute of it though!

Practice makes perfect and I think that mid in I actually nailed it! Now I am hoping that all the people registered for the webinars left with wanting more – that is kind of the goal with webinars.

Next time we open for Smart Start is around my birthday, August 10th. If you dream about starting a business before that – enroll now and start when you’re ready!

Click HERE to enroll (or here for SVENSKA)! I would love to see you inside Smart Start!