What will be YOUR World Record?

Posted 2017-07-22 by Magdalena Bibik

A few days ago we visited Copenhagen Museum of Guinness World Records. Just for fun really, to escape the rain. But the visit showed to be much more inspiring than just all those performances. Because in the middle of “men with the most needles stuck in their faces”, “the longest jumps” and “the tallest dog”, it made me think about our own record.

As of today, Stockholm Comedy Club is the standup comedy club in Scandinavia with the most shows per week. We can not by any means measure ourselves with for example Latter in Oslo, that has 3 stages and can do multiple shows at the same time. But still, I think that it’s a feather in a hat to have 8 shows a week and have “the most” of something.

At the making of this exhibition, Apple was the most valuable brand in the world. Old data, when you look at it with 2017 superspeed eyes, but nevertheless inspiring.

magdalena bibik stockholm comedy club record

That is the record I would love to have! In the standup comedy world. If brand value was ever measured for humor brands – locally or globally, I would want ours to come out on top. Obviously, we didn’t need a visit to the Guinness World Records to figure it out, but the sign on the wall made this desire/goal so very realistic and… touchable. Imagine a sign hanging on our wall at our venue…

So, can’t write, must work. I have a goal to reach!


If you would pick a world record for yourself or your brand, what would it be?


Here are some more pics from the museum btw. Quite a cool place to visit if you are in Copenhagen.

magdalena bibik stockholm comedy club recordmagdalena bibik stockholm comedy club recordmagdalena bibik stockholm comedy club recordmagdalena bibik stockholm comedy club record