stockholm comedy club family

Stockholm Comedy Club Family Dinner.

Posted 2017-06-19 by Magdalena Bibik

I have my family, and then I have my Stockholm Comedy Club family (read more here). Although, they are not completely separate. See… this is what I do: I involve the people I love spending time with the most in my professional projects – that way I get the best of both worlds! Only this time, I was the one who got involved in the first place, taking over Janne’s company.

The other day, the gang had a very nice dinner at Södra Sällskapet (we don’t even leave our venue to play):

stockholm comedy club family

stockholm comedy club family

stockholm comedy club family

stockholm comedy club

Linda Gerstenmayer is missing, but she had a very cool and important gig that day.

Thank you all for both a nice evening and an AWESOME season!

By the way, we are getting old, or something, because there were no plans on hitting the clubs after dinner. Serious hard working grown-ups (as a CEO, I’ll take that over party animals any day!). Plus, this was on a Thursday.

The family is on a steady grow and this is the last time this dinner party was so small and intimate. Next time, there will be 10-15 people sitting at this table. Which is very very cool. And a very concrete sign that we are heading in the right direction. I can’t wait!

In the meantime, we are on vacation mode. With only 2 shows a week, we get the chance to recharge our batteries, but also to catch up on backoffice work. When the fall season starts, we will have 8 (!!!) regular shows per week. So we need to spend a huge amount of off-work-quality-time together before that. Sounds like a plan to me!