FUNKtional Wearables: a genius solution for hiding trackers.

Posted 2016-01-10 by Magdalena Bibik

As you may have discovered, I am into tech – and wearables in particular. I love the possibility of tracking your life (for your own sake – read more here) and making good choices. But, let’s face it – most of the trackers are not really that…. stylish (with an exception for Jawbone and Misfit). I admit, I even put my red Jawbone aside on New Years Eve because it didn’t go with my outfit. Trackers don’t always look good! And I am sure that that was just why FUNKtional Wearables came to life!

They create unique wearable pieces to securely cover trackers and pedometers. Isn’t that genius? Take a look:





Excellence, if you ask me! I wear a Jawbone UP24 most of the time nowadays, I have my eye on some models….