financial habits

The end of old money and how that can boost your financial habits.

Posted 2017-06-30 by Magdalena Bibik

Sometimes one needs a definite starting point to a new routine. New Year is a typical day for new health and fitness habits. First day back at work from vacation is awesome for productivity goals. Tomorrow is a great opportunity to look over your financial habits.

Why? Because as of tomorrow, all old coins and banknotes in Sweden are exchanged to new ones. It can be a silly thing, but also – if you look at it in a different way – a cool kick start to improving anything money related – if you need to. And although I know that a lot of my readers aren’t in Swedes, tomorrow is actually as good as any day – so…. why not?

Personally, I am a minimalist and not a big spender. I enjoy a good deal and I believe that you get what you pay for. Unless it’s second hand, because there you often get much more than you pay for – hence, I am a big big fan of reusing. I have just recently started to get into stock market (read more here – in Swedish though, so please use Google Translate or something) and I really enjoy it (so far it’s going really well, talk to you during recession, haha!). And I have started to use this amazing app: Dreams (check it out here), designed for seamless saving habits.

financial habits

My next big buy is a new car in the near future. I believe that we actually need a Volvo Combi pretty soon and I am happy to finally step into the world of “grown up-cars”, haha! Up until now I’ve only had cabriolets and small “toys”. But on the other hand, a Volvo V50 is (financially) a much better choice. So I guess that my new habits starting tomorrow (or the day of purchase) are: less money spent on car insurance and repairs – a V50 over a Megane – BIG savings!

So what Financial Habits could you develop?

  • Decreasing spontaneous shopping?
  • Buying less take out?
  • Saving money for something bigger?
  • Saving money for pension?
  • Spending MORE?

May the new economy be with you! 😉


P.S. Sometime in Septmber, we will publish an epoisode of Creativity House Podcast about creative ways of saving and spending. Stay tuned.