english comedy monday at stockholm comedy club

English Comedy Mondays at Stockholm Comedy Club!

Posted 2017-07-06 by Magdalena Bibik

Last year, Stockholm Comedy Club launched “Förfest” (pre-party) and Women’s Wednesday. This year, it’s time for Late Night Comedy (more about that later) and… drums…. ENGLISH COMEDY MONDAYS! Dear audience: we listen to you! After numerous requests about shows entirely in English, we dedicate Mondays to our english speaking guests. And I can’t wait!

Some of the headliners this season:

Ben Richards, one of my favorite comedians and one of the best hosts we have EVER had at the club!

David T Weaver, prepare for the ride you guys!

We are super pumped about Isak Janson coming in and doing a set in English!

Elena Gabets, one of the hosts of English Comedy Mondays (and a very dear friend of mine) will of course be headlining the show!

Kathryn LeRoux will do her first headlinergig ever at Stockholm Comedy Club! WE LOVE THAT! (read more about our “we want to be your first”-mindset HERE)

Greg Poehler is the grande finale of this season! We are thrilled!

Plus all the amazing comedians that are doing what we call “open spots”. As usual, we are letting some really new stars take the stage and let them grow, but we will also have well established Swedish comedians who are rehearsing their English material for their upcoming international tours. Bring your friends, and we’ll see you at Stockholm Comedy Club, right?

All the tickets and all the information can be found HERE.