magdalena bibik-westerlund

End of the Orange Era.

Posted 2018-05-05 by Magdalena Bibik

For the past few years, orange has been my favorite color. Orange furniture at home, orange details on the website, orange accessories etc – so much so that when friends and family saw orange items, they’d think of me. Quite cool when you think about it! But now, the orange era has come to an end.

This is what our house will look like:

magdalena bibik-westerlund

That means that all those creative orange furnitures need to go! This:

magdalena bibik-westerlund

and this:

They are both on sale at Blocket (chairs: here, sofa: here).

I have actually also got rid of most of my orange clothes and accessories. It feels like orange = my 30s and nature and white will be my 40s. Would you guess that we can’t wait until June 1st? Those people who say that time flies have obviously never bought their dream home and are waiting to move in!