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Change something you do daily.

Posted 2018-06-14 by Magdalena Bibik

We all know this:

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily” – Mike Murdoch

So in order to succeed in changing your mindset, you need to ger yourself new habits. Personally, I love taking advantage of big life events like a new job or a new home to change those regular doings that might not be the best choice for us. So when we left the city and moved to the countryside, I changed the following:

  • being online all the time. New habit: logging in and logging out. Answering e-mails a few times a week and batch processing communication.
  • no more multitasking. New habit: one thing at the time. It actually took me this long to master this one, although I’ve been trying for years. It took a physical move and change of environment.
  • stopped drinking soda. New habit: Soda Stream water. I was a big consumer of sugar free soda, but now we actually don’t have room in our fridge as long distance to nearest grocery store requires planning and real food needs the space in our tiny refrigerators.
  • gave up TV. New habit: Apple TV only. Before we could have the TV randomly on and since we mostly work from home, we could get stuck in front of a program neither of us cares about. Now we actively choose when to watch TV.
  • quit small grocery shopping. New habit: weekly shopping only. Living in the middle of nowhere has it’s upsides.
  • abandoned the fear of spiders. New habit: live with it! Still don’t like them, but I realize that the price of living in this paradise is…. bugs!


What are you doing daily that you would need to change? Comment below and let’s help each other!