Celine Dion concert.

I have been a huge Celine Dion fan for as long as I can remember! (my best friend will disagree with me on that, more about that later). So I was thrilled to hear that she would be back in Stockholm after 8 years, to perform at Tele2 Arena. I missed the opportunity to see her last time, and the only time I’ve been to Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas was during the summer break in her famous Vegas show. So last night, I finally got my chance!

As always, I had Åsa, my bestie and partner in crime with me:

Plus 29000 other Celine Dion fans. Packed arena, and for the first time ever (thank’s to Åsa), I was on time! I am one of those fans who pop by last minute and skip/miss the warmup act. Oh boy, am I glad that I didn’t miss the fantastic, amazing, fabulous

Veronic DiCaire!!

(click on the headline to visit her website) The coolest vocal impersonator I have ever seen or heard. OMG, if you ever get a chance to see her – go!

Over to Celine. My expectations were through the roof for this evening, which is both good and bad, I know. Seeing your idol LIVE is a special experience and (songwise), I got almost everything I came for (I’ve come to realize that 3 of my favorite songs are collaborations – I must have listened to “Immortality” a million times! I put the stats up on Spotify) – but I missed “A new day has come”, “The First time Ever I Saw Your Face”, “Falling into You”, “If walls could talk”. But I also found a new favorite “Loved me back to life” (had honestly never heard it before). I am one of those listeners who finds the best song, plays it over and over again, and forgets the rest of the record. So… actually, yesterday I got to hear some songs for the first time (!!!!) and that’s why Åsa doesn’t call me a real fan, haha!

I loved the stage and the light arrangements – completely beautiful. Heads up for the person who is responsible for that.

celine dion

celine dion

celine dion

I also loved the security arrangements. Head on heart, I was talking to Janne earlier yesterday and expressing a slight fear of putting myself in a situation common to those who had recently suffered an attack. Isn’t that sick?! But Tele2 Arena delivers!

Back to the concert. Was it all good? Instead of writing down the evening (Markus Larsson from Aftonbladet did that just fine (in Swedish) and I do agree with him on quite a few things – click HERE to find it) I am taking an important thought with me back to my office. Being such a superstar, this concert for Celine Dion was probably not a big deal at all, something like a very ordinary night for us at Stockholm Comedy Club. One of 300 shows of that year (yes, we do 300 shows per year at the club, which is crazy!) However, this was not by any means an ordinary regular night for ANYONE in the audience. The trick is that as an artist, regardless of how many gigs you do, how long you’ve done what you do, you have to make everyone feel special every single time – and I didn’t get that last night. I might be so coloured by what I do for a living, so that I am more sensitive about these things. I hope that most of the audience doesn’t agree with me. But if I felt that a headliner comedian at the club was doing a gig that could appear to viewers as “yet another day at work”, I would have a conversation with him/her about that. So what I’m taking away from this is:

no matter what, make the audience feel special EVERY SINGLE TIME

And the life of CEO never stops, by the way. I was happy about the break between Veronic and Celine, so that I could “put down some fires” before enjoying the main act. (thanks for the good WiFi connection, Tele2!) That’s the part of the job, even on your only free night of the year. It comes with the title, haha, I’d better get used to it.

Was it worth it? Most definitely! Was it worth the money? Yes. Spending a whole evening with your best friend is always worth it. Plus, I’ve been hearing “I’m alive” in my head non stop since last night, and that’s quite a pleasant song to have.

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