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habits changes magdalena bibik-westerlund
Change something you do daily.
Posted 2018-06-14 by Magdalena Bibik

We all know this: “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily” – Mike Murdoch So in order to succeed in changing your mindset, you need to ger yourself new habits. Personally, I love taking advantage of big life events like a new job or a new home to change […]

Magdalena Bibik-Westerlund minimalism
A minimalist’s closet. My closet.
Posted 2018-06-13 by Magdalena Bibik

If you follow this blog, you can not have missed my love for minimalism. I get a kick out of using all my things to the max and owning only what I really need. We just recently moved from our city flat to a little house on the countryside and my promise to myself was […]

k-von stockholm comedy club
K-Von at Stockholm Comedy Club!
Posted 2018-05-25 by Magdalena Bibik

The other day we had the pleasure to host K-Von at Stockholm Comedy Club at the sold out Usine! This was by far one of our funniest bookings of this year! This the most famous half-persian comedian in the world is such a likeable and professional man to work with! He kicked off his European […]

monday magdalena bibik-westerlund
Make Monday count.
Posted 2018-05-14 by Magdalena Bibik

Monday morning! Are you an “oh yeah” – kind of person, who wakes up every Monday and welcomes an awesome week? Or are you one of those “I don’t like Mondays” – people? I think you might have guessed what team I am on. And for all of you who struggle with Mondays, I have […]

magdalena bibik-westerlund
End of the Orange Era.
Posted 2018-05-05 by Magdalena Bibik

For the past few years, orange has been my favorite color. Orange furniture at home, orange details on the website, orange accessories etc – so much so that when friends and family saw orange items, they’d think of me. Quite cool when you think about it! But now, the orange era has come to an […]