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k-von stockholm comedy club
K-Von at Stockholm Comedy Club!
Posted 2018-05-25 by Magdalena Bibik

The other day we had the pleasure to host K-Von at Stockholm Comedy Club at the sold out Usine! This was by far one of our funniest bookings of this year! This the most famous half-persian comedian in the world is such a likeable and professional man to work with! He kicked off his European […]

monday magdalena bibik-westerlund
Make Monday count.
Posted 2018-05-14 by Magdalena Bibik

Monday morning! Are you an “oh yeah” – kind of person, who wakes up every Monday and welcomes an awesome week? Or are you one of those “I don’t like Mondays” – people? I think you might have guessed what team I am on. And for all of you who struggle with Mondays, I have […]

magdalena bibik-westerlund
End of the Orange Era.
Posted 2018-05-05 by Magdalena Bibik

For the past few years, orange has been my favorite color. Orange furniture at home, orange details on the website, orange accessories etc – so much so that when friends and family saw orange items, they’d think of me. Quite cool when you think about it! But now, the orange era has come to an […]

Why you should change to do apps from time to time.
Posted 2018-03-29 by Magdalena Bibik

Easter is here, and for many of us a few days of reflection or… catching up on our to do list. IF you can take some time off your busy schedule, consider switching to a new task management app in the upcoming days. Here is why: If you have had the same to do app […]

stockholm comedy club
Stockholm Comedy Club letar efter ny lokal. (looking for a new venue)
Posted 2017-10-18 by Magdalena Bibik

(summary in English below) Efter fem år på Södra Sällskapet har vi på Stockholm Comedy Club bestämt oss för att flytta. Det är dags för oss att gå vidare mot nästa steg i vår utveckling – och hamna ovan jord (i dubbel bemärkelse). Plus att omväxling förnöjer och förändring är kul! Vi huserar på Åsögatan […]