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I will be your best boss. Or your worst. It’s really up to you.

Posted 2017-06-28 by Magdalena Bibik

Back from our holiday, you guys! And now I know what it’s like to have a “vacation” when you are the boss. CEO means: “Complete Email Overload” regardless of if you are “free” or not. I don’t mind though, it comes with the title. And all emails are potential ticket sales, new ideas, new ventures etc. Bring them on!

What I want to touch on here, as my first “back at the office” blog post is my mindset on leadership. Because mine is new to this industry and it came to my attention that some people don’t like it. This is how I see it: I will either be your best boss ever, or your worst. The choice is actually yours, because it’s really a hundred percent up to you. If you deliver what you promise and do the job we ask from you (both before and during your gigs), if you understand the foundation of our company and if you are likeable and nice to work with – we will become best friends. If any of that is lacking – we probably won’t. If you trash talk about our company – don’t bother coming through the door.

My most direct and (in a way) toughest bosses have shaped me the most. But at the same time, they were also the best ones, because… I would always deliver – and exell on – the job they were expecting me to do. Had I not done the work, then I would probably hate them, I know some colleagues did, meanwhile I thought that they were awesome leaders. You see… this is the trick:

do the job and do it well; be likeable and nice to work with – and you will never have a bad boss!

We are privileged to work with many young and established professionals. People who understand the importance of quality on stage as well as off stage. Some of them are still learning the craft, that’s alright! (read more here on how we think). They all work hard and that’s why we work hard for them. However, I would never justify investment of time or money in someone who is not prepared to be the kind of professional we are looking for.

Am I bias in my leadership? OF COURSE I AM! Why shouldn’t I be? Work harder and you get better deals. That’s how the business outside of standup comedy industry usually works. Tell me what doesn’t work and I will do my best to fix it. Don’t do the work and complain – then we will give you something to complain about.

I know that I am a tough CEO, but actually…. it’s going to get a little tougher still. We will demand more from our performers when it comes to representing the club, and in return we will reward them more. There will be a lot more NOs than YESes. Those who welcome it will be those who we already want and have our eyes on. Those who find it inconvenient, don’t want to be a part of it, and feel the need to talk us down about it are not with us for the long run anyway.

Welcome Professionalism 2.0! It’s time for AW1718.