Beautiful Photoshop Mistake.

The other day, me and Christine took some photos with a green screen background (more on our work here). I’ve filmed with a gren screen before but had never used it for a photo shoot, so I needed to learn how to remove it in Photoshop. This is a story about a beautiful Photoshop Mistake!

I absolutely adore Adobe and all they do, and slowly but surely I am learning all the programs. I would say that I master Lightroom and some features in Photoshop. When this post is published, I know NOTHING about Illustrator nor InDesign. I am basically getting away with everything with the help of Lightroom at the moment. This summer, I am dedicating some time to learn photo editing the right way.

This is the picture I was working on, as the new signature image on About Me section on my new website.


photoshop mistake

(photo: Christine Gordon)

The best way to learn, in my opinion is to just watch a tutorial and copy. There are some great tutorials online (most of those I find are in English with a very strong Indian accent!), so I was following one video step by step when I did something “wrong” (or… not as planned) and THIS came out as a result:



I mean, I could not repeat this if I wanted to! This is…. AWESOME! I think I know what I did – I accidently placed the eyedropper tool (Photoshop language) on my face before dropping it on the green screen to mark what I wanted to take away. Who cares! This Photoshop mistake came out as ART!

Moral of the story: sometimes a failure turns out to be even better than what you were originally aiming for. And as Sir Richard Branson says:

Past failures unlock future successes.


If you are into photo editing and playing with graphic design – check out Adobe Creative Cloud (here) – the best tool for creativity. This is not a sponsored post, I am just being enthusiastic. In fact, Creative Cloud is expensive, but worth every penny. And hey, you might even make some of those beautiful mistakes for yourself?

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