Basket Brigade Stockholm

Posted 2016-12-21 by Magdalena Bibik

Most of us live in a very privileged world. And sometimes it’s good to be reminded that things we take for granted are absolute luxury to others. Today, I took part in Basket Brigade Stockholm, powered by Yes Group Sweden and Sabis Fältöversten. We prepared 407 baskets of delicious Christmas food for families in need.

The International Basket Brigade is built on a simple notion: one small act of generosity on the part of one caring person can transform the lives of hundreds. What began as Tony’s Robbins’ individual effort to feed families in need, has now grown into the Anthony Robbins Foundation’s International Basket Brigade, providing baskets of food and household items for an estimated two million people annually in countries all over the world.

Throughout the year International Basket Brigade volunteers deliver food, clothing, and hope to those who need it most. Read all about it here.

Giving back is the best feeling there is and I loved every minute of the event. Next year, I encourage you to join me, because I will most definitely be back!