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As a child, I had a dream of becoming a fashion designer, a VJ on MTV, a Topgun pilot and a lawyer. At the same time. Bicultural, bilingual, with a mix of creativity and business mindset already in early years. I have an Master of Laws and Master in Business Economics from Lund University. I am a certified Trainer and Nutritionist with over 25 years experience from training people. I have been a business owner since 2009.
I have the privilege to combine my creative side with my entrepreneurial thinking on daily basis as I am the CEO of Stockholm Comedy Club – the largest standup comedy establishment in Scandinavia. I teach Entrepreneurship at Axelsons. I co-host Creativity House Podcast.

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When I teach Entrepreneurship, I sometimes ask the question: “When are you the most happy?” Here are a few things that I love and that are very important to me – and make me the most happy. Most important: Family and Friends. I am blessed with awesome people around me. Zumo the Doberman – our newest addition to the family.
But also: my very awesome work that gives me the opportunity to develop myself and others. Everything creative, even in a field I know nothing about – creativity gets med going. Black coffee. Minimalism in every shape or form. Apple products. Photography and my professional equipment. Books. And now to something more lighthearted: “Family Guy”. Everything “Bachelor Nation”. Nutella.


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