Magdalena Bibik-Westerlund minimalism

A minimalist’s closet. My closet.

Posted 2018-06-13 by Magdalena Bibik

If you follow this blog, you can not have missed my love for minimalism. I get a kick out of using all my things to the max and owning only what I really need. We just recently moved from our city flat to a little house on the countryside and my promise to myself was to minimize my (already quite small) wardrobe. This is the result:

minimalist minimalism

The closet is 104 cm wide, 180 cm high and can be found HERE. Janne and I have one each. The little piece of storage is from IKEA and can be found HERE.

This is actually it, besides from outerwear, 3 pairs of sneakers that are in the hallway and a few garments in the laundry basket. And purses, that got a separate 60 x 60 cm shelf in the office. So, what did I decide to keep?


  • 4 leather jackets/blazers (my default choice during spring/autumn season instead of wearing a suit)
  • 4 white shirts – that has become my go to choice for everyday wear
  • 1 floral blouse, 1 denim shirt and one checked shirt
  • 3 suits. I don’t wear suits that often, but when I do, I want quality and good tailoring. One black, one denim and one grey will last for 10 years.
  • a very cool Matrix inspired short leather coat (an awesome Sellpy bargain)
  • a pair of classic Tommy Hilfiger boots and a pair of brown leather heels that work all year round with pretty much everything
  • 1 extremely warm cardigan and 1 extremely worm polo sweater – countryside IS cold

  • My Docs and behind them a raincoat from Rains that I really love (on sale at the moment!!) and a very cool golden raincoat from Zara
  • all the tops, t-shirts, sport tops and sleeveless tops. How do you like my color palette?

  • To the left: all dresses and skirts. To the right all pants and jeans:
  • 3 pairs of jeans: one wide, one skinny and one trashed
  • 5 pairs of black pants. Whenever I teach, I am all black and those black pants have become my signature wear. Once again, quality over quantity, but this is a piece of clothing I live in.
  • 1 pair of silver denim pants and 1 pair of animal print denim pants
  • 1 pair of dog owner pants (check them out HERE – best ever!) – and actually one more pair, slightly different design from G-Star is on it’s way.

  • My signature pumps for keynotes etc. Plus some fluff: bikinis, scarves etc.

Gun to head, I could cut this in half and still be OK. I’m one of those shoppers who replaces whatever is broken, rather than follows a trend. If a trend is similar to my taste, then I might get a few garments of something I like and need, but most of the time I don’t care about the latest fashion. Plus, I rather spend a little more on sale and get really good quality, or I look (quite long sometimes) for those really fun additions to this minimal wardrobe. Recently I discovered that we live 15 minutes from and EDBLAD Outlet, so I will probably fill up a little on accessories and go for my regular black look.

Would you be able to fit all your clothes into a 104 cm closet?


My challenge to you: take a look at what you have and get rid of what you don’t need. I heard an awesome rule of thumb by Jenny Mustard when it comes to cleaning out your closet – follow her awesome YouTube channel and you will see!

P.S. This is not by any means a sponsored post, I have bought all the clothes I recommend and I’d buy them again!)

P.S.2. I love the wallpaper in our bedroom.